Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Before I start, I wanna put a disclaimer first. In this topic Im going to write, nothing too personal.... its jus my personal views and experience.

Our Singapore PM Mr Lee Kuan Yew had recently passed away. Its a sad thing for most of us and of course theres people who finds it not a big deal. Over the social media theres alot of post and informations regarding about him. You may wants to google if u r interested to know more about him.

Theres no other special reason that Im writing this, but I definitely have deep heartfelts words to say. On my personal facebook I mentioned on my post I wrote:

Thank you Mr Lee Kuan Yew for ur lifetime sacrifice for Singapore and given us a better home and nation. Singapore wouldnt make it as what it is now without you. Deeply appreciate and gratitude for everything you've done. May you unites with Mrs LKY in heaven. Rest in Peace our founding Father, you'll be deeply missed. #leekuanyew #riplky

Second post I shared a picture of him with the words he said; "I have no regrets. I spend my life so much of it, building up this country. Theres nothing nothing more I need to do. At the end of the day, what have I got? A successful Singapore. What have I given up? My life."

i find this very touching... jus few words and can already see how much he give to us and to singapore.... Singapore is nothing without him. Indeed he gave his life, to Singapore and to us. Most respectful person without any selfish thought. Who will be so noble like him to give up everything and do it for so many of us. Its not easy to manage a country, the stress he take in and some with nasty comments. Salute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew. My Idol.

Alot of us says that hes the founder and the father of Singapore. Some disagreed. I wanna to say is, in life, no matter what we do, be it right or wrong, theres people will disagree and agree. Some who disagreed got many to say as well. I pondered, why people wants to dig or argue over a person who is dead? No offence to those who disagree with me. Its over. Everything is over. I dont judge nor say im totally right here, still there people will say Im wrong. You can disagree with me but you cannot deny that Mr Lee Kuan Yew build Singapore up to be a better place and a safe place where all of us can sleep soundly in the night time, whereas he might be still up late and cracked his brain to think whats the next move for Singapore, how to change a better Singapore. Its definitely not an individual matter. He given us a better place. Yes, economy changed and alot of things changed higher living standards but arent u glad that u have a safe place to stay? Whenever people asked me where Im from... i proudly say Im from Singapore. Im happy that im part of Singapore. Again, im neither a fan of PAP nor Worker party, jus personal opinion. I Thank him because I felt hes someone amazing who doesnt have something personal for himself, he do it for everyone. I would say we are lucky to have him!

Back in 1939 if im right, during world war 2, my grand witnessed it. During that time, life was really hard. Everyone running for their lives, work like a slave etc etc. Singapore from nothing become a something now. I wouldnt say all credits to him alone but he really did alot for us. High floor buildings, nice airports etc etc. ... he planned alot for us. Unlike past, kampongs, no aircons, bad rooftop if it rains and was not properly build. Can you imagine that kind of life? And now u can sit at starbucks chit chating or using mobile phone at a comfy area? Nothing to teach life experiences, neither do i stay in kampong before. All of us know how their lives like during early days.... people who are younger than my generations are way more fortunate, no offence if u r younger than me. You r borned staying HDB flats, condos, private estate.... born with nice toys... wat about us? You may want to google what they played during old many experience that we never been thru before. Thankful and gratitude towards Mr Lee Kuan Yee give us everything.

This is not something drama or proving anything... I really will show my respect at his funeral tmr even I dunno him personally... its all worthwhile for standing there few hours to bow and say Thank you to him... to compare his, my waiting is just nothing. He spent 52 years of his life serving Singapore.

No matter you agree or not, its not something against anyone nor saying something about another person... its jus my views after hearing some negative comments about him. Its ok if u dont, we r humans, we r born different.... noone is perfect. #leekuanyew #riplky

Monday, March 9, 2015


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