Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The noble of a mother

Yest I was worked with a part time actress. She was part of the project I was engaged in. She has many years of experience in acting, nevertheless, she's friendly and she doesn't have any artiste air to make me refuse to talk to her. She so friendly and polite. Like I said in my previous post, we ended late last evening, and when the time reached 645pm, suddenly she was anxious and ask me if its gg to end, I ask her why, she said she need to fetch her son, followed on I was told by her that her son is 15years old. Her love and care for son is definately a lot more than anything else. Usually for a 15 year old boy parents usually let them be themselves but her love for her son is obvious a lot. A mother whom need to work and look after the children and family is not as easy as anyone else can imagine. Good luck to her family.

With love, Candy
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Current updates

Recently I've been engage at the tv station, out filming makeup artist. Basically this job is a makeup artist that follows the artiste and crews to put station to film series on tv. The job itself is simple but it's a tough job, 12 hours job, weekly schedule. I was engage by projects, meaning I will be working on a series, during this period of time, I need to report in for work base of the tv station schedule. I need to reach the makeup unit in the tv station an hour before the bus go out out station. This is to help the artiste to makeup before we start filming, no matter is the artiste filming the series or show u r engage for. Gosh, jus rain heavily and I'm on my way to work....
Yest, the filming ended later than the schedule alittle but I was lucky that when the bus send us back it was quite late. But a lucky thing is I saw this hongkong actor call xia yu.

It was my honor to have a picture with him. Hopefully I can see my idol hahaha oh, didn't I mention? I love Charmaine sheh. Do check her out, a pretty sweet lady, whom an actress from TVB, a tv station from hongkong.

Good luck everyone. Have a nice day ahead.

With love, Candy
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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Working on Doris

These work are proudly presented by me, photographer, editting, makeup ahahaha.... we had lots of fun and laughing while working. My fav piece is the one directly on top, the last pic. Don't u agree? She bring out the feeling that I wanted, I told her that it's gonna be my fav pcs while I as viewing it on my cam. The only problem is her brows, she was laughing about her brows that previous the personnel did her tattoo was out of shape and she barely have brows almost naked. I ended up using pencil n brow powder to work on her brows, after drawing she said: omg my brows r perfect now, anything to make them stay forever? I laughed and told her u can visit my Frd whom is working at brow house, is an expert on brows.... The person was so unprofessional tattoo her brows one darker one rounder one thinner one strg, the shop really need to close down! I'm so upset for Doris brow she deserve something better than this. Doris maybe u want to get my brow expert Frd to save ur day.