Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Halloween look

I haven think of a name for this look, it look so scary to me.... Hahaha can u think of one?

I guess this look will be more popular for ladies, right? I named it The alive of porcelain Doll. :)

Anyone wanna watch the tutorial?

With love, Candy
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Advanced birthday surprise!

Had a wonderful dinner tonight. I have all my love ones celebrating my birthday. Though it's on 1 oct but they know that I have to attend and do makeup for my cousin on her wedding day which fall on the same day on my birthday. I feel loved that I have them in my life! They r jus great friends around me.

True frds will always be there for you even you dun talk to them everyday.

Thanks to Gillian (the mum to be), William, Melvin ( the dad to be), ric ( person who plan), mr big n small Lee. I love u all muacks!!!

With love, Candy
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Counting down!!

Hey guys! I'm really excited for this giveaway!! Counting now 6 more days and I will be announcing the winner for this mini giveaway.

I'm wanna thank ur guys for joining in and ur support. I'm really impressed and glad that the people who enter the contest has over wat I expected. Thank u thank u!!

With love, Candy
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boring sleeping day at workshop!

Today is definately a boring day for me... I'm here at the raffles town club in Singapore having workshop talk.... I'm here since morning 830 the talk should be ending in an hour time which is 430, if there's no nonsense people asking stupid n dumb questions we can finish off earlier. Hopefully no idiots here hahaha.... Usually people ask is bcos they sleep during the talk.... The food here is good, it's basically like a country club but our talk held here. 200+ people attending, before today the talk was nearly 400!! Woooo! Had only 3 hours sleep last night and I did a super easy makeup in the car while traveling there hahaha... Don't ask me how I did it, usually in the morning I makeup in the car while in my way to work.... Well, u jus need a steady hand hahahaa... Alright time to go back after tea break. Hook up soon! Take care guys!!

With love, Candy
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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live, as well as strong to think.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

With love, Candy
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Leopard print nails

Let me know if u wanna see a tutorial on this :)

With love, Candy
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Friday, September 16, 2011

What's going on on my Friday night?

When u see this, u must be thinking I'm crazy!! Haha but not, granny n grandpa have serious blackheads on their nose.

Remember about the day I mention on the Kose mask when I went shopping with my gf? Haha hope it could work miracle on their nose.
Luckily both of them are very cooperative. Haha patiently letting me apply and patiently waiting for it to dry.

Aren't u think they r cute?

With love, Candy
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYX haul + reviews + swatches!!

Finally finally upload!! Yippie!!!

Here's the swatches!!

Highly recommend this!! Frankly I think this palette better than urban decay naked palette, colour wise is more, this palette contain of 20 pigmented shadows and it include 10 lipgloss with high pigment. Pretty shadows from natural tones to basic smokey look.

Top roll left to right

Bottom roll left to right

Beautiful colours right? Swatches are apply without primer. Love love it! Everyone should get one.
Let's look at the lipgloss, it's thick and pigmented and comes with various colour nudes, pinks, orange and pink.

Colours are applied from left to right.

Other than this palette, I get some round lipstick which I love the colours too! I'm tat kind of girl only with nude pinks lipstick, I like colours which is more neutral and with a hint of pink.

Let's see the swatches!

LSS529 Thalia
Definately one of my fav lipstick cos it's nude pink and it look natural not too heavy on me. Goes well on any look.

LSS628 Tea Rose
Hint of orangy with pinks definately is a good combination with gold shadows or browns.

LSS621 Milan
Pinkish nude, this colour have more of nude than pink. Suitable for smokey looks or bright eyes makeup :)

LSS565 B52
Orangy, reds, nude lol sorry I'm not good at describing colours.

LSS620 Paris
Super pink lipstick. It's like a hot pink but slightly darker. Suitable for natural look makeup.

Alright, how would I missed my black label lipsticks? Heehee
Remember I told u guys my favorite lipstick is sephora 18 lipstick and NYX black label of dusty rose and bling? Oh my gosh!! This colour I'm gg show u is something in between. Hehe another nude pink lipstick.

BLL115 Heiress
This definately goes to my fav lipsticks as well!! One of the reason I like nude pink lipstick is cos its nice and it goes well with any makeup look. Maybe not all but most.

BLL196 Hot temale
Redish nude, with a hint of orange. Goes well with pin up makeup.

BLL102 Girly pink
Shimmery baby pink, goes well with smokey or bright eye makeup.

Alright, if u want to ask me what's the different between NYX round lipstick and NYX black label lipsticks, I could say, other than pricing wise, black label lipsticks are more moisturizing than round lipsticks, dont mistaken me, round lipsticks are not dry but it's only not as moisturizing as the Black label, round lipstick are still moisturizing though, both to me are equally high pigmented lipsticks, if u have dry lips, I would recommend u go for the black label but if u have normal lips, u definately should go for round lipsticks cos they are selling good price. :) And u can get a decent amount of range of different colours rather than one.

I got 2 blushes, not really in love but it's pigmented and can be use for daily basis.

PB16 chocolate moose
Nude colour with a hint of satin like a nude highlighter, but it's definately can be a contour powder for those who has white skin or it's good for blending lighter ur blusher if u over heavy hand application on ur face.

PB01 Mocha
When u open the package u will like "WOW" so red! But do apply on a light light feather hand. It's pigmented and u don't need to apply heavy hand. Less is more. Apply little by little. U don't wanna look like red apple, don't you?

Yeah!! That's pretty much my haul, I'm planning to have ELF haul same like this one. What do u think?

Subscribe me on YouTube an follow me on twitter too! Love ya!

See ya soon!

With love, Candy
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Shht!! Can't upload!

I've been trying to upload the video on my NYX haul for 2 days!! But can't!! Pls wait patiently I'm trying to figure out...

With love, Candy
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shopping shopping shopping again! -_-'

Omg!! I sin again!! Last week I bought NYX cosmetics this week I shop at Forever21 lolxx, today bought whole lot of clothes. I think I really need to stop hahaha

My top fav mascara on sales n free mini travel size of eye makeup remover.

Isn't this ring cool?? Love it! Bought the above earrings n ring from Forever21, ring is $10, the other cost mostly 7 bucks or 8 bucks. Isn't it's a good deal?? :)

Heard from my sista tat this peel off mask is good so let me try out first n I will do a whole lot of review after I receive all me stuff!! This cost sgd$35 I bought it at somerset Robinson.

Totally crazy about this shorts!! Its so soft and comfortable and soooo cooling lolxx I bought this at cotton on cost me sgd$19.90, at 313 shopping centre. I regret only buy one should have buy 2 more but it's alittle pricey though for a shorts.... I'm in love with other stuff but I spend alot so I must wait for next month! Lol

Will show u wats all of my haul soon once I gather n receive all my items as some I bought online :)

With love, Candy
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture of the day?

This picture was while on my way to work and first time wearing specs to work.... Haha I usually wear lenses but as my degree no longer suitable so jus too bad for me. I prefer not to wear specs if possible cos I think it doesn't look good on me. What do u think?

With love, Candy
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Sephora Haul + Review

Oh oh!! Finally Sephora haul has edited... Actually i refilm it today cos i think its not as detail as before so i did it today...

Heres the haul

Soap Glory - Greatest scrub for all skin type
This scrub is awesome! Its as fine as fine sand and with alittle bit of cavier to melt into your skin. Tester are available at Sephora.

Left to Right:
Ist & 2nd Sephora Waterproof Line: Flashy Blue, Fllashy Mauve
3rd to Last:
Sephora Liner: Wild spirit, Chocolate, Gri Gri, Pearl Beige

Sephora Lip Liner
Left to Right:
Native Nude, Radiant Rosy, Belle Beige (slightly more browish than Radiant rosy)

Sephora Lipstick G18 Romantic Rose
Very Moisture lipstick, colour nude pink, look very natural. I highly recommend it!!

Watch This Sephora Haul Video at

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Congrats to my cousin Michelle!!

I received a call from my aunt this evening, she told me that my cousin is getting married! I feel happy for her as I think it's time for her to get married hahaha...
She a strong woman and very sociable. We used to be very close when we were teenagers. But something happened and made us misunderstood each other and from that time, we didn't went out or talk as often as we were during teenagers time.
We still talk when we see each other, but still, the distance is there.
I wanna thank her for teaching me lots of reality. Like man, haha how to drink hahaha... We had lots of fun. I missed those days and hopefully one day, we can still get together and had heart to heart chat.
I always love being loved by others so often I think I always wanted to be the youngest one but unfortunately, I'm the only daughter. I always get lots of love from my cousins like Geo and Wendy whom is really close like real blood siblings. Wendy is younger than me but she seems more able to think as in not as impulsive as me haha... She can be really noisy at times... Hopefully she can get married as soon as possible cos she has an awesome bf! Geo, is older than me, a father of two kids but still behaving like a old baby sometimes... He's really cheerful and likes to joke around with me... But one thing i hate about him is hes bad tempered and lazy, as in he is tat kind having that kind of attitude that 'save trouble dun mind paying more' and i remb when we were young we almost fight with each other.. I really love the both of them, sometimes i wish i could cook for them and brew some soups, but we were staying quite a distance and each of us has our own life to go in so we could only see each other like once awhile, i see geo more often though...but They r then the real siblings...

Back to cousin michelles wedding, which fall on mty birthday 1 oct... Sometimes I wonder, who will remb my birthday? Anyways all the best to her and have a blissful marriage.

Hello kitty for my lovely gf

Hey hey I don't think u will be reading my blog babe. Haha but I wanted to let u know is I'm really glad to have u in my life. Thanks for being such a Deary Frd of mine. Though, we know each other not very long time but I wanna thank u for being so supportive and encouraging, u r always here for me when I need someone to talk to. Thanks for being my Frd.

Hey my lovely viewers!
I bought this watch for my gf and both of us has the same one... I haven have a chance to meet up though but we already had plans to meet someday next week. It would be fun to wear the same watch!

Hope you guys will have a best Frd with you to share every wonderful moment!

With love, Candy

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Friday, September 2, 2011

When two person comes together when the world is wide

Do you ever think of, it's not easy to meet someone special in this big wide world? Some comes from different countries, some meet in the same motherland.

I always think that love make amazing job to make two become one. Love make everything possible even for two diff culture people together. Some, parents objection cos of they diff culture but they still stand strong firmly onto their love and uphold their love till the end.

I have seen many couples get together and many separated. But, mostly, of those who ended up separated are those people who think they r not suitable for each other or they can't accept their living style or characteristic. I'm talking about majority couples even for those who r not married.

Some people suicide cos of their partner chose to leave them. If you have ever choose death to end ur sadness, then u r really a silly ass. I'm honestly telling u that I ever suicide cos of a man whom I'm deeply in love with. Hences, I'm glad I escaped from the father of death, cos after I wokeup then next morning, I look throughout the window and realized how beautiful this world is and how much love I gotten from people who truly loves me. People like my mum, my besties, my workmates, actually all of them cares about me. Seriously, at tat point of time, I pray and said thank God u didnt take my life. Lifes is up and down... No matter how bad the situation is, u should stand up and Learnt. Look bad at the things I did from the past make me laugh at myself. And looking at myself now, makes me think that I've grown up.

No big deal for a man to leave me. Life is full of passerby... Smooth n rocky. When I was a teenager, I truly had tons of bf haha no joke! I'm not as pretty as Britney spear nor Leighton meester nor Blake lively, I do wonders the men eyes are blind. My story here is not to brag I had alot of ex bf but is to tell u that, if I had hundreds of bf in the past, does that mean I should be dead hundreds times now???

Hey, love hurts. It does hurt alot when they leave, but think about it, why do u wan to take ur life for someone whom don't love u that much or someone will not die for you?? Doesn't that not worth?? A pregnant mummy carried the child in the tummy for 10 months which is about 300 days? How tough and heavy to walk, sleep, even lying down on bed how much uncomfortable gone through?? How much responsible they need to carried while u r in them? In ordered to protect u safely to prevent miscarriage? To prevent u got hurt? And how much pain they going thru while giving birth? I never thought of this until I experienced it myself and realized I've been such a silly n brainless girl.

How much hurt and heart pain will I bring to a mum whom carried me for about 300 days in the tummy if I would kill myself cos of a stupid man whom doesn't love or protect me like my mum did? Nothing and no other love could compare to a motherly love. Or maybe at this moment, u had fights with ur mum, u hate her for being irritating, busybody cos she keep tailing u, checking on u, making effort to know who r ur frds, ask u to leave bad frds around u, I been thru this guys. I totally understand how u feel. Mummy wants to rule their children life is nature, children rejection to mummy is nature of children. Cos no matter how old r u, married or single, being a parents already or not, u r forever an apple in ur parents heart. No parents would want to see their children get hurts and heart break. Again, I experienced myself and realized why so much nagging from my mummy when I was teenager. They care they ask, they concern they scold, they love they nag.... Beating up a teenager no longer works in decades, and that when the nagging comes in. Because they love and care so much more than anyone else.

Everyone does have broken relationships, un-heal heart. But think about what I had said. Some people still be able to found their love when they were in 40s, 50s. Such older age to have a new love it's not less seeing in this century.

Tonight, I have a heart felt thoughts about relationships and that's y it lead me to here to share. Well, I'm not a love expert but I often listen and give my best valuable and honest opinion to my friends.

I did something which I'm not sure if it the right thing to do that. Recently, I pulled a ex couple back to be together, they have not back yet and this is only the story should start. I'm sure u have alot of question to ask what happened. How they broke off? how they start? What I did? Blah blah blah......
To be short, they first met each other thru friends, same story with every love stories, love slowly build up thru dating, phone calls, hanging out often, sharing same interest.... until a year or so, things changed. The truth for both was both still love each other but 'honeymoon' period is gone, they start to point out each other bad points, habits and so on... Slowly, often quarrels, lack of communications, misunderstanding starts, suspecting third party starts, noone wanna make clear, when it's going to start to settle the problems both start to quarrel as well. This may look familiar to anyone of us in our love life. Be it or not, that's love cycle.

For Few months, both still went out as a friend, sometimes thinking about each other, the past, the happy moments.... But sad to say is, ego kills everyone. Noone wanna start the ball to talk heart to heart. Oftens woman think, man should start cos they r man they should be gentleman, if they want they should show the sincere and talk first, while man would think what if I'm being rejected and all my mans ego will be destroy for a woman that I broke off with. Girls, man are human being they r not god and know what r u thinking about, even hunks, handsome or ugly they have feelings too, they will tend to also have the kind of feeling insecure.

Some man had bad experience in the past that turned them into so called 'cold blooded'. They will also have times whereby feeling insecure to commit themselves into serious relationship, I'm talking about those who really want serious relationship not those whom only have flirting mind or playing heart. Of course! Not all man are the same, there are some chicks out there who fool around n break mans heart too.

Every serious relationship should think twice before they commit, woman would feel the same way as man of being fooled. Well, heart to heart talks usually works well for a relationship. I always believe that if u treat someone truly, the person will have no doubts in you and if u r true enough to tell everything and be honest, people will treat u the same way. Here I'm talking too far from the topic that I wanna share but last, what comes around, goes around.

Back to my frds, I've been trying hard to find out whats their mind and how they feel about each other. The outcome was, attitude problem. Not honest enough, seems hiding something.

Girl, man always think that the best to avoid fights is not to tell the truth, like if they r gg out to club with a group of guy friends, the most often fights comes from man don't seems to say out too details, they r might be afraid of their gf ask n ask n ask like asking with who? Go where? Got meet any new girls? Is there any girl going? Any girl talked to u? Did u see a desire girl? Did u give some girl ur number? That is why man usually don't say much about their stuff to avoid unnecessary fights with their gf.

If u r a man reading my blog, I wanna tell u this, never hide or never try to be not honest to tell where u go, what u did. Woman's thinking is always that they rather to know the truth than u hide or lie. The moment they found out, situation might get to the worst. Always be honest.

Even during fights, man tend to keep quiet and seems doesn't wants to say or doesn't wan to clarify it's bcos they didnt wan to say more to prevent anymore fights or they wan to stop the quarrel. But man, woman wants to listen, they want to know what u r thinking, what are your thoughts, and that is why they keep asking, and they wants to know where is the problem and settle it. Most man r rather 'not to face' than 'long winded story'. Man oftens hide their feelings more than woman.

I always has a quote; Woman are trouble makers while the man are trouble seekers.

But, I have to admit, some woman are real trouble makers for being too sensitive.

Trust is the main key in a relationship. Without it, I'm sure you couldn't survive in ur relationships. If you don't trust, u r just making ur life harder. If u trust the wrong one, then learn from it. Always look at yourself how honest r u than u see ur partners. Everyone has already 'that person' that u will spend ur lifetime with. Why so hurry? It's all fated. Of course!! Even you have full of trust in them, at times we will still need to stalk (spot check) once awhile at least, to show that u care. Cos some people will think u don't care, they r not important in ur life. Well, overall, we r human beings with flesh and feelings. Noone loves to get hurt, everyone is selfish towards the man or woman of their life.

Alright, I would wants to stop here, good luck to everyone. Please don't ever think of suicide cause of any 'fish monger' that don't treasure. Always believe, there's someone in this world is the right one for u and is the special tailor made one for u.

Good luck!

If you have any doubts or wants to share your problems, feel free to comment it or if u do not wan others to know, u could email me anytime and I will try my very best to answer every single one.

I'm a libra, a good listener.

Signing off with love for everyone.

The beach!

I love beaches!! Breeze.... Sea wave... Peace..... What about you? Comment it which beach u have visited is the most awesome beach. So far the nicest beach I visit were in surfer paradise in Australia and the beach behind watermark hotel was great too but I heard that whale in that sea haha the hotel people told me right after I finished my swim and California Santa Cruz and long beach? If I can remb well....

Beaches in Singapore are usually safe for swimming unless the water is polluted... I heard alot that some beach in other countries are not safe like sharks, whales, is that true?? Let me know in the comment box below?