Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy 2013!!

Happy new year everyone!! Today is the first day of 2013. I wanna wish everyone here reading, better health, better luck and more wealthy! Good things comes! Yesterday was an amazing night, with fire works, dancing and so many friends around.

I was honor to be engaged by Singapore tv station, Mediacorp for their channel 5 count down event. It was fun and alot of artistes and dancers. The dancers dance like a beautiful butterfly and they really put in effort on their steps.

The singers, amazing voice, bringing life into music, they made me feel I wanna sing with them! Good people r all around me!

It was a long day, making people looking good is my job, when a job is done, the person was happy with my service, they said thank u, I feel satisfaction of my job. You never know the feel until people say thank u and u can see they r so happy that u made them look good!! I always wanted to turn my passion to my career, and I did it!! From young, I like to made everyone ard me look good. I will post up some photos soon, cos too many to mentions. I see u guys ard and will add the pictures here. Stay tuned.

Warning for all cars                                             My crew tag

Look how many artistes and crew in here!

The Jersey Boys! Amazing voice and very funny group.

 I did The Dancer's makeup

 Look! how many people are counting down to welcome the year 2013

Skarf's (korea girls group), Gurmit Singh (Emcee, Mediacorp artiste) and the handsome Kyle Patrick

 The singer - MICappella 
The group that sing without music, they create music, beats in the background themselves.
Wonderful and amazing voice, nice people, check out website
Manage to take the pic with the group with the wrong green hairclip on my hair hahaha!

 Did 2 of the group makeup!                             look at this beautiful, soft spoken lady!

Caution!! Road Block and human block! HA look at those people!

Though, Ive seen so many times fireworks but this is the first time I feel fieworks are so pretty! Its only like 100m right infront of me. Amazing fire works, romantic and touching, its a memorable one.

                                                             Taufik and Shigga Shay

The After count down party @ The float! So many people dancing!
I join the dance and party it was like 1am lol

Hope you enjoy reading my blog, Good luck to u and a better 2013 in everything. See ya!

With love, Candy
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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Aug Favourite! 2011 Part one

I know im kinda abit slower as Im so tired each day i got back home from work... Actually today im tired also, its all bcos of my eyes doesnt want to close in the night and always stay up too late and next morning I will need to wake up soooo early.... haha alright no more nonsense... lolxx

Im not a fussy person on makeup so long it works well and I dont really care about what brand I use, like I said, works on me, no breakouts, i will try n use that. Thats y i have super long videos :P And Im a beauty finder, I find affortable and workable makeups :) BUT im very particular on brushes.

Lets see!

I have forgotten to intro u my top best sunblock ever!!

I bought this at Taiwan and during that time Singapore have not released this, its available in Watson and the texture is good, doesnt feel sticky as some sun block will and its oil free.... most important is its Aqua!

Left to Right: Etude Moistful collagen primer, Laneige primer, Elf studio line face primer

Face primer is inportant for thpose who has oily slin. Primer use to last ur makeup longer like foundation... control your oil sebums and give you a natural matt finish.
If you have oily skin, i dun really recommand Etude Moistful collagen primer especially who has serious oily skin bcos collagen primer at oil in it.... preferable, cream primers.

Missha Perfect cover BB cream No23, Im medium skin tone though it looks light than my skin but it will turn to ur natural tones... all BB cream work he same will be darker a oncee once its set.

Maybelline superstay 24 hours foundation, my shade is cassical beige, holy product that helps my makeup to stay longer and still look good after a day even without primer. Pls note that the maybelline superstay 24 hours foundation is not available in Singapore. I got mine from US but i believe some online stores sells it.

Compact foundations one of them home made liquid foundation turn in powder foundation hahaha using the maybelline superstay foundation.

Another favourite powder foundation is everyones favourite Mac studio fix, my colour is NC35 but i think its alittle light for me as i think i have become darker alittle but it wtill work fine on my skin tone.

I got tons of diffferent concealer, like NYX, Coastalscents quad (Medium) , Ben nye, mahron, Naturactor (in Japan), unfortunately, Naturactor doesnt have website to purchase, cos its mostly MUA.

Eye primer, my fav is urban decay primer. Eye primer plays an important part too, its not only to let stay longer but also keep the colours more vibriant. ELF has good alternative.

Favourite eye brow kit from ELF its cheap and nice and so convenient and lessen my make up early morning.

ELF studio line Kabuki brush, Sigma Beauty brush F80 Flat top, F35 Tapered highlighter and F05 Dome contour brush.

Mac eyeliner, good alternative Silky girl waterproof eyeliner. Sephora Chocolate, Gri Gri.

For the liquid liner, which is waterproof and the brush is fine and sharp to draw thin lines.
I bought it from ebay, seller is tomjerry1984 from Hongkong, item number 120690755752 Black waterproof eyeliner pen No: 5299. ELF Liquid Pen work as well too.

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Manulife Dinner and Dance 2012

Theres still some picture will upload them once i got them

With love, Candy
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