Monday, December 19, 2011

Good luck to me!! Today is my first day for stall opening!! I'm selling bags! It's gonna be busy for me until near Chinese new year...

Hopefully everything goes well! How about u guys? Let me know wats ur plan and new year resolution? My new year resolution is to have a healthy body and to exercise more to slim down hahaha!! Take care guys!

With love, Candy
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Location:My first day of stall opening!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I'm sorry that I haven been posting n uploading videos... Will update them ASAP... Already film nail tutorial but haven got time to upload.... Coming a month, I have more things to do which is Bleh but will still try out.... Let me know if u wanna watch nail tutorial if not I didnt wanna waste time doing it which u guys doesnt wan to see... Rather than giving wat u wanna see... Do let me know

Have a nice day!

With love, Candy
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Friday, December 2, 2011

Sad but true

Today is a rainy day... Now is about 12am, hearing the raindrops, tinkling sound on my roof top, it suddenly remind me of rain are like crying... One of my Frd got divorce two days ago... Is love really so fragile? His wife didn't even tell him why, a relationship less than ten years had gone down the drain... Or is it she didn't has anymore feeling? But one thing for sure was the kids who suffered the most. I can feel was sad even though he smiles, hopefully he could recover very soon and happy again. The more he look nothing but actually there's something. Going thru this stage is a torturing undergo, the kids, the wife, the husband, the family, so many pple feeling down bcos of this.....

Deeply in my heart I wish him all the best and a better tomorrow everyday.

Love is kind, it shouldn't be so cruel.

With love, Candy
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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Nail tutorial today!!

Purple glitter for Xmas!

Watermelon days

The beach!

Greyish purple strip for Xmas!!

With love, Candy
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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Really sorry

Guys really sorry for not uploading any videos, been super duper busy, I filmed a nail tutorial, let me edit them and will upload ASAP. Good luck!

With love, Candy
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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Hey jus wanna update u guys that I have send the giveaways... Usually shipping duration is about 1 week to 1 month I guess for overseas, depends which country u r in and if u r in Asia should be faster than US. :)

I did twitt about the giveaway that I wanted to send all together cos my post is far from me, but those who do not have twitter or missed my twitt, I decided to post here whichever you guys ask about the items. Good luck!

With love, Candy
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Vlog - fishing day

Gosh! I should named this as Fishing day, should be nothing day... haha cos i caught nothing... but awesome beach scenerio caught my eye.... I jus couldnt stand the beauty of the nature.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Refer to Giveaway:

Winners will be pick in random.
First 5 pickup winners will get
1. 2 mini Korea BB cream
2. Korea face deep cleanser
3. Mini mobile lipgloss
4. Strawberry yogurt pack

Additional random 5 winners will get 1 Korea BB cream. Open to international, winners will announced on my YouTube channel, giveaway duration will last for a month, as I have little subscriber :(
Start date: 01 sep 2011
End date: 01 oct 2011 on my birthday :)
Ending time will me Asia time (+8) 12am (2 oct)

First 5 pickup winners will get
1. 2 mini Korea BB cream
2. Korea face deep cleanser
3. Mini mobile lipgloss
4. Strawberry yogurt pack


Additional random 5 winners will get 1 Korea BB cream

This giveaway is not sponsor by any companies, products are bought from my pocket money. please read on my blog for more details about the product you get.

website used to pick:

My birthday gift!

Well, my birthday is on 1 oct, and my cousin got married on tat day as well, so she engaged me as makeup artist but on tat very day itself my makeup bag torn off

Haha is it hinting me to get anew one? Haha...
Oh let u gets see wat I wore on tat day wedding dinner

The view from back :)

With love, Candy
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Darker now!

I have been fishing alot lately and my skin gets darker!! Like 2 tones darker?? Hahaha

I definitely hook by the hooks. I go fishing like at least once a week and I caught some fish. Look at my mini fishing kit keke... Tell me u guys like fishing or not?

With love, Candy
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2011 Halloween look

I haven think of a name for this look, it look so scary to me.... Hahaha can u think of one?

I guess this look will be more popular for ladies, right? I named it The alive of porcelain Doll. :)

Anyone wanna watch the tutorial?

With love, Candy
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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Advanced birthday surprise!

Had a wonderful dinner tonight. I have all my love ones celebrating my birthday. Though it's on 1 oct but they know that I have to attend and do makeup for my cousin on her wedding day which fall on the same day on my birthday. I feel loved that I have them in my life! They r jus great friends around me.

True frds will always be there for you even you dun talk to them everyday.

Thanks to Gillian (the mum to be), William, Melvin ( the dad to be), ric ( person who plan), mr big n small Lee. I love u all muacks!!!

With love, Candy
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Counting down!!

Hey guys! I'm really excited for this giveaway!! Counting now 6 more days and I will be announcing the winner for this mini giveaway.

I'm wanna thank ur guys for joining in and ur support. I'm really impressed and glad that the people who enter the contest has over wat I expected. Thank u thank u!!

With love, Candy
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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boring sleeping day at workshop!

Today is definately a boring day for me... I'm here at the raffles town club in Singapore having workshop talk.... I'm here since morning 830 the talk should be ending in an hour time which is 430, if there's no nonsense people asking stupid n dumb questions we can finish off earlier. Hopefully no idiots here hahaha.... Usually people ask is bcos they sleep during the talk.... The food here is good, it's basically like a country club but our talk held here. 200+ people attending, before today the talk was nearly 400!! Woooo! Had only 3 hours sleep last night and I did a super easy makeup in the car while traveling there hahaha... Don't ask me how I did it, usually in the morning I makeup in the car while in my way to work.... Well, u jus need a steady hand hahahaa... Alright time to go back after tea break. Hook up soon! Take care guys!!

With love, Candy
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Thursday, September 22, 2011


Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live, as well as strong to think.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

With love, Candy
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Monday, September 19, 2011

Leopard print nails

Let me know if u wanna see a tutorial on this :)

With love, Candy
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Friday, September 16, 2011

What's going on on my Friday night?

When u see this, u must be thinking I'm crazy!! Haha but not, granny n grandpa have serious blackheads on their nose.

Remember about the day I mention on the Kose mask when I went shopping with my gf? Haha hope it could work miracle on their nose.
Luckily both of them are very cooperative. Haha patiently letting me apply and patiently waiting for it to dry.

Aren't u think they r cute?

With love, Candy
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYX haul + reviews + swatches!!

Finally finally upload!! Yippie!!!

Here's the swatches!!

Highly recommend this!! Frankly I think this palette better than urban decay naked palette, colour wise is more, this palette contain of 20 pigmented shadows and it include 10 lipgloss with high pigment. Pretty shadows from natural tones to basic smokey look.

Top roll left to right

Bottom roll left to right

Beautiful colours right? Swatches are apply without primer. Love love it! Everyone should get one.
Let's look at the lipgloss, it's thick and pigmented and comes with various colour nudes, pinks, orange and pink.

Colours are applied from left to right.

Other than this palette, I get some round lipstick which I love the colours too! I'm tat kind of girl only with nude pinks lipstick, I like colours which is more neutral and with a hint of pink.

Let's see the swatches!

LSS529 Thalia
Definately one of my fav lipstick cos it's nude pink and it look natural not too heavy on me. Goes well on any look.

LSS628 Tea Rose
Hint of orangy with pinks definately is a good combination with gold shadows or browns.

LSS621 Milan
Pinkish nude, this colour have more of nude than pink. Suitable for smokey looks or bright eyes makeup :)

LSS565 B52
Orangy, reds, nude lol sorry I'm not good at describing colours.

LSS620 Paris
Super pink lipstick. It's like a hot pink but slightly darker. Suitable for natural look makeup.

Alright, how would I missed my black label lipsticks? Heehee
Remember I told u guys my favorite lipstick is sephora 18 lipstick and NYX black label of dusty rose and bling? Oh my gosh!! This colour I'm gg show u is something in between. Hehe another nude pink lipstick.

BLL115 Heiress
This definately goes to my fav lipsticks as well!! One of the reason I like nude pink lipstick is cos its nice and it goes well with any makeup look. Maybe not all but most.

BLL196 Hot temale
Redish nude, with a hint of orange. Goes well with pin up makeup.

BLL102 Girly pink
Shimmery baby pink, goes well with smokey or bright eye makeup.

Alright, if u want to ask me what's the different between NYX round lipstick and NYX black label lipsticks, I could say, other than pricing wise, black label lipsticks are more moisturizing than round lipsticks, dont mistaken me, round lipsticks are not dry but it's only not as moisturizing as the Black label, round lipstick are still moisturizing though, both to me are equally high pigmented lipsticks, if u have dry lips, I would recommend u go for the black label but if u have normal lips, u definately should go for round lipsticks cos they are selling good price. :) And u can get a decent amount of range of different colours rather than one.

I got 2 blushes, not really in love but it's pigmented and can be use for daily basis.

PB16 chocolate moose
Nude colour with a hint of satin like a nude highlighter, but it's definately can be a contour powder for those who has white skin or it's good for blending lighter ur blusher if u over heavy hand application on ur face.

PB01 Mocha
When u open the package u will like "WOW" so red! But do apply on a light light feather hand. It's pigmented and u don't need to apply heavy hand. Less is more. Apply little by little. U don't wanna look like red apple, don't you?

Yeah!! That's pretty much my haul, I'm planning to have ELF haul same like this one. What do u think?

Subscribe me on YouTube an follow me on twitter too! Love ya!

See ya soon!

With love, Candy
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Shht!! Can't upload!

I've been trying to upload the video on my NYX haul for 2 days!! But can't!! Pls wait patiently I'm trying to figure out...

With love, Candy
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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Shopping shopping shopping again! -_-'

Omg!! I sin again!! Last week I bought NYX cosmetics this week I shop at Forever21 lolxx, today bought whole lot of clothes. I think I really need to stop hahaha

My top fav mascara on sales n free mini travel size of eye makeup remover.

Isn't this ring cool?? Love it! Bought the above earrings n ring from Forever21, ring is $10, the other cost mostly 7 bucks or 8 bucks. Isn't it's a good deal?? :)

Heard from my sista tat this peel off mask is good so let me try out first n I will do a whole lot of review after I receive all me stuff!! This cost sgd$35 I bought it at somerset Robinson.

Totally crazy about this shorts!! Its so soft and comfortable and soooo cooling lolxx I bought this at cotton on cost me sgd$19.90, at 313 shopping centre. I regret only buy one should have buy 2 more but it's alittle pricey though for a shorts.... I'm in love with other stuff but I spend alot so I must wait for next month! Lol

Will show u wats all of my haul soon once I gather n receive all my items as some I bought online :)

With love, Candy
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Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture of the day?

This picture was while on my way to work and first time wearing specs to work.... Haha I usually wear lenses but as my degree no longer suitable so jus too bad for me. I prefer not to wear specs if possible cos I think it doesn't look good on me. What do u think?

With love, Candy
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Sephora Haul + Review

Oh oh!! Finally Sephora haul has edited... Actually i refilm it today cos i think its not as detail as before so i did it today...

Heres the haul

Soap Glory - Greatest scrub for all skin type
This scrub is awesome! Its as fine as fine sand and with alittle bit of cavier to melt into your skin. Tester are available at Sephora.

Left to Right:
Ist & 2nd Sephora Waterproof Line: Flashy Blue, Fllashy Mauve
3rd to Last:
Sephora Liner: Wild spirit, Chocolate, Gri Gri, Pearl Beige

Sephora Lip Liner
Left to Right:
Native Nude, Radiant Rosy, Belle Beige (slightly more browish than Radiant rosy)

Sephora Lipstick G18 Romantic Rose
Very Moisture lipstick, colour nude pink, look very natural. I highly recommend it!!

Watch This Sephora Haul Video at