Friday, December 2, 2011

Sad but true

Today is a rainy day... Now is about 12am, hearing the raindrops, tinkling sound on my roof top, it suddenly remind me of rain are like crying... One of my Frd got divorce two days ago... Is love really so fragile? His wife didn't even tell him why, a relationship less than ten years had gone down the drain... Or is it she didn't has anymore feeling? But one thing for sure was the kids who suffered the most. I can feel was sad even though he smiles, hopefully he could recover very soon and happy again. The more he look nothing but actually there's something. Going thru this stage is a torturing undergo, the kids, the wife, the husband, the family, so many pple feeling down bcos of this.....

Deeply in my heart I wish him all the best and a better tomorrow everyday.

Love is kind, it shouldn't be so cruel.

With love, Candy
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