Thursday, July 12, 2012

Work of the day

Its a not rushing job today... gladly even i have relax heart to work, i still able to finish my job on time haha! u know sometimes when u work on pressure you will be able to work faster alot, and when you are relax, you tend to be slower than what your usual speed....Cos the people are so relax there unlike other weddings, so many anxious people around rushing each other to be quick... lol If you went to alot of wedding dinner, you probaly knows tat all are anxious of things not done, cannot rehearsal on time blah blah blah, but really, today was the very first time that i dun sense that kind of anxiousness in the makeup room haha maybe its early and they are very sure that everything has done....

I have this lady, the mother of the bride, whom dont do makeup often, and keep telling me, light makeup.... haha shes so cute! she kept saying, i dont wan too heavy... and when i finished her makeup, she say OMG! so not me! lolxxx usually u dun really meet alot of good people around, usually, when you done when their makeup they jus go.... but shes polite and cute in the way tat she keep stressing "light makeup"... shes so afraid of heavy blusher too,kept telling me lighten up lolxx isnt shes cute!!

Explaination of why wedding dinner makeups are usually thicker than day time look.... Anyone knows the answer? ................. Its bcos the light of the ballroom flash out the colour.... if you would have notice on dinner time.

Another lady, bride's friend. I would like to call her, Ms anything.... I asked her about her colours, what colours she likes or she think looks good on her or what colours she cannot accept, what hairstyle she wants, she keep telling me anything haha. well, as a makeup artist, we need to communicate with clients that some colours like black, a common rejected colours, cos they are scare that it looks like ghost or panda, but if you know, black is a very good standout colour on makeup, enhance the eyes, if u know smokey eyes, you will know the beauty of black.... i ended up didnt add much black, cos her looks look sweet, i actually wanted to do something like a fairy, pinkish like princess look though it matches her looks but i wanna something more mysterious.... sweet and sexy at the same time, take a look!

guess how old is she?

she has very thick brow which im super envy cos even she put on foundation she can go without drawing brows... i asked if its ok i shave alittle to reshape but still dont need to draw her brows, shes so happy and smile and say ok! she keep laughing loudly at her brows cos a small hole was unfilled by her own brows, and the unbalance eyelid which is same like my eyes and when i told her about my eye lid is same one smaller and same side on the left we both laugh so loud lolxx... i asked her about her age, i was like wow! so envy haha i told her most enjoyable time in life is the golden 20s, im not going to say her age cos i think its her privacy, let u guess hahaa!! She is very bubbly and cheerful whenever she hear something funny she will laugh loud, will showing being her own true self, without being like minding too much how pple say about her. definately like her character to be true to everyone. And when i tell her tat i wanna take a picture of her, shes was very happy and say take photo take photo... her cute reaction is unforgetable. All the best to her.

Working Partner Makeup class

I was asked by my makeup partner Stella for help in her makeup class on one sat... i was there to help them while stella is teaching and some students may not be able to follow as they are new in makeup, basically my help there is to explain if they dunno, and show them how to apply makeups, here is all the cute students with me...

All the student has lots of fun, fun loving and cheerful people! so happy to know all of you!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

BellaBox! SG (Singapore) is my first time to purchase like a monthly subscription kind.... I got my June BellaBox 2 weeks back but yet to open... I thought i could try it and let you guys know about how is the product in it... It cost $15 at first but now they have increased to $19.95. You can check that out if you are a beauty slave lolxx....

I got mine with few skin care product for my first Bellabox. Its authentic for all the products that they send, mostly are all sample size, but for that price you pay, its actually worth it that you can try different luxury brands and its better if you buy a full size but ended up not liking it. check this out.

 The Box was send itself delivered to your home

 A Card inside with an envelope

 Cards of products in the envelope

 Nice Pink box outside with shocking pink wrapper 

 June Bellabox products


Lancôme Génifique Youth Activator (Right)
In a series of clinical studies and self-assessments women who used Génifique Youth Activator saw a difference in their skin in just seven days. Génifique is the first skincare that has the ability to revive gene activity, stimulating youth proteins.
In just one week’s time, your skin rejuvenated to a time of soft, supple, firmness. See your radiance returned to you, your skin’s clarity refined, its tone evened and over time an overall improvement in appearance. The more you use Génifique the more pronounced your results will be. We could say it’s like magic, but we know its due to the unwavering expert research Lancôme is known for.
· 92% of Singaporean women sing its praises
· Rejuvenated, radiant skin in 7 days
· Stimulates the production of youth proteins
· Comes in 3 sizes: 30ml for $130, 50ml for $170 and 75ml for $210

Lancôme Blanc Expert Derm-Crystal (Left)
Lancôme’s Blanc Expert Derm Crystal essence is infused with Dermactyl complex, which stimulates your dermal cells to produce bright, new collagen. Your skin is amazingly translucent, reminiscent of pure crystal. It awakens the light within by preventing collagen darkening and by reducing the production of melanin. Find your skin more luminescent and brighter than ever. Women who’ve used Blanc Expert saw visible results in just one week’s time.
· Brighter, more luminescent skin 
· Prevention of collagen darkening
· Prevention of melanin production
· Promotes new collagen production
Full Size: $175

Tried both, Pretty nice feeling, feel soft and smooth, tried once though, but i actually heard alot of good reviews online from other gurus as well.

Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Concentrate
This overnight treatment by Kiehl's provides skin-nourishing benefits when your skin is most amenable to rejuvenation and recovery as there are few environmental stressors that detract from its healing process. They don't call it “beauty sleep” for nothing, especially when you've got Midnight Recovery Concentrate. You will also love the natural soothing Lavender smell.
This multi-award winning and 99.8% naturally derived botanical elixir is formulated to replicate your skin's natural lipids. The result: maximum skin repair so you wake up to healthier and younger-looking skin.
· Repairs and nourishes the skin at night when skin is most receptive
· Enhanced with Omega 3, 6 and 9 that visibly restores depleted skin
· Instantly penetrates skin for smoother, more radiant complexion
· Paraben-free, fragrance-free, silicone-free, Mineral oil free formula
30ml $90

Tried once, Feeling like putting a light weight of oil onto skin, not very oily though, you know some oils like, olive oil are very sticky and oily, people seen my videos knows i dislike stickyness and oilyness on skin no matter day or night, this feel quite acceptable to me, but 30ml for $90 is abit pricey but if its good, why not? Consult your local Kiehl's counter and check if your skin type is ok for that. It smells like lavender, quite strong though, if you dislike lavender then this is not for you.


Biotherm Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer (Left)
Lait Corporel Body Moisturizer gives you unbelievably soft, supple skin due to its high quality ingredients that prevent dryness and hydrate. Glycerin, olive oil, vitamin E and the ever-present Pure Thermal Plankton all combine for outstanding results that can only be claimed by the diligent Biotherm biologists who formulate their products. Once you apply this moisturizer to all of your skin, you may feel the need to walk around in your skivvies a little more often; fair warning
· Quickly penetrating formula
· Contains olive oil, sugars, urea and amino acids
· Uses orange and grapefruit essential oils
· Deeply nourishing and moisturizing

Biotherm White D-Tox BB Cream
The White D-Tox Line of products from Biotherm tackles the problem of skin pollution with special extracts and ingredients that remove the dark veil of your skin's surface through detoxification. Skin is brightened and lightened.
The White D-Tox BB cream is an essential product for any woman who wants to let the natural pink undertones in her skin shine. This BB cream gives you unparallelled 24-hour coverage, unified skin tone and maintains hydration all day long. With repeated use, dark spots fade and skin simply radiates. After you buy this BB cream you might need to donate your favorite concealers to less fortunate friends as your skin progresses toward perfection.
· Oil free and won't clog pores
· Spot-fading formula
· Dermatologically and allergy tested
· Ultra-fine tinted texture

 I tried it on my hand, and I love it! it feels like its a velvet feeling, non greasy and it has a light decent coverage, its liquidy, a little could cover the whole face.

Kiehl's Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner
Made with real Marigold whole flowers and still to this day, hand-picked and placed in each bottle by hand, the Calendula toner remains a customer favorite 5 decades since it was first formulated.
This alcohol free soothing toner has been formulated to gently balance the skin’s natural oils and to soothe and improve problem areas.
· Anti-inflammatory effects of real marigold flowers
· Alcohol-free, pure herbal extracts
· Removes residue, dirt and debris
· Balances natural oils and soothes the skin
· Comes in 3 sizes: 125ml: $54, 250ml: $78 and 500ml: $110

 It has some kind of substances in it look like seaweed to me haha have not try it though

Ralph Lauren Romance
Inspired by his 30-year marriage and love-at-first romance with wife Ricky, Ralph Lauren created his fragrance called Romance. Buzz words and feelings such as refined, pure, affection, warmth and togetherness are the purpose of this beautifully feminine scent. Packaged in a crystal clear bottle, just like “love should be,” you'll find yourself wearing it out at night, on a date, or even to the office to be reminded of life's ode to love.
· Floral, woody notes
· Sungoddess, rose, lotus flower, exotic woods and musk 
· Available in 50ml for $116 and 100ml for $149

Ralph Lauren Romance perfume has been in the market for very long time, I had this for years ago and so far im still loving it. Really glad i receive this sample bottle with a spray for convienience, i could put it in my purse or bring along when im travelling. it has a light sweet scent, well i say if you like sweet scent, you will love this.

shu uemura Whitefficient Brightening Gentle Cleansing Oil
shu uemura happens to be a pioneer in cleansing oils. The famed makeup artist worked with them in Hollywood when heavy stage makeup needed to be taken off multiple times per day without harming actors' skin. Cleansing oil cuts through waterproof makeup, including mascara, and gently cleans your pores while retaining essential moisture your skin needs to stay young looking and healthy.
This whitefficient cleansing oil has all of the aforementioned benefits but includes added ingredients that remove the accumulation of melanin cells from the surface of your skin, leaving it unbelievably bright and evenly toned.
· Washes away dullness
· Moisturizes
· Removes makeup, impurities and melanin cells
· Contains mito-white complex and Vitamin C
· Comes in 2 sizes: 150ml for $58 and 450ml for $155

Well well, cleansing oil for definately the best cleanser in the whole world, it takes off everything include waterproof products but for what i received, i think its for dry to combination skin includes normal skin as well, for oily skin, i always do not recommend it to oily skin, oil + oily= OILYNESS, double up the oil, When i have oily skin at times like in summer time, I use not often cos i will have bumps and feel itchy on my skin... Shu Uemura has another oil cleanser for oily skin, I believe. Its call the;

shu uemura Fresh Pore Clarifying Gentle Cleansing Oil

This all-in-one cleanser precludes the need for stocking a retinue of facial cleansing products in your bathroom drawer. Not only does it gently cleanses your skin and removes even the most stubborn waterproof make-up, but its lightweight, smooth texture will have you wondering if it's an oil at all. It is.
Cleansing oil give you the ability to erase impurities from your skin without stripping essential moisture that keeps it fresh, firm and young. This fresh pore clarifying cleansing oil reduces the appearance of pore size in as little as four weeks and can be used with wet or dry hands.
· Ideal for oily and acne-prone skin
· Contains Sakura Complex that reduces excess sebum
· Removes waterproof makeup
· Leaves skin feeling soft and clean
· Comes in 2 sizes: 150ml for $55 and 450ml for $138

Oh yes! Im totally right on this product..... I swear i didnt read it before i type it on top saying its not suitable for oily skin which what i had recieved. Oily skin, try the fresh pore clarifying gentle cleansing oil, dont forget its in pink bottle. 

Always I could say, if you are interested, always start for sample size before you try anything on your face, not because the brand is not good, but u might be sensitive from the ingredient. If you know you are sensitive to any, read ingredient before you get the samples. Well, like i always said: What might work for me, might not work for you, what work for you might not work for me."

Let me know if you are liking any products in here. Good Luck!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The memorial of the King Of Pop

I was browsing thru my Facebook, and I saw my likes of the King Of Pop, Michael Jackson. I remb when I'm young, I already know who he is and his song, Billie Jean ( and smooth criminal (
He had alot of songs which are very nice and popular, other than these two songs there are also, Dangerous (, one of my fav and made me dance was The way you make me feel; if I'm right, (, when I saw this video his performance with Britney, I was wow! So sweet, and this song made me feel like dancing too!

Black or White, is a song created to be anti racist, (,Iheard about it why Michael Jackson becomes white, didnt know whether it's true, you know sometimes there's always false rumors all the Internet, jus believe what u think it's right. Over many years ago, the news said he's a rapist of a child and even carried a baby out the window, I really don't believe such a person whom love kids and always doing charity will do such things, maybe there's some misunderstanding. I would say, he look better when hes black and without too much surgeries, first few surgeries are ok the rest after tat wasnt looking as cute as before, i still likes the first few jobs done. Charity videos on YouTube, ( and more of his videos u may want to search if u r interested to see type Michael Jackson charity on YouTube. A song for u to brighten ur heart, this song really touches me. what's more can I give, (, he did alot of charity, visiting them and donating. Look at this video, everytime I see it I will simply smile (, see how he letting go his pride and the named king of pop and playing with the younger ones and letting them making fun of him, this wins my respect for him. There's more other videos like his playing with his children as well, too much to say and view his videos.

When I first google him, the first thing shows up was his amazing moonwalking, ( I was really surprised with a dance like this and I remembered I use a pair of socks and tried, haha I believe there's alot of young children tried that too.

I wanted to write a page of him today bcos I wanted to share my thoughts of him and a memory of him. I didn't wanna forget such person in my life. I really love to meet someone like him, who is famous, rich, kind and never see u and I differently even he's a king of pop. I could said, talented pple r lesser now, and to find someone like him, it's totally out of question. With his talent, it's a unforgettable incredible legend in the world, I pay my respect here to him and always remb him in my heart.

People, so many celebrities died bcos of drugs, if you r one of them who took drugs, stop it. Avoiding is always not the best way, problems will not solve even if you take it. The best way to seek for help is to talk to ur family or someone whom is closer to you or even get the professionals. Before u do anything silly, think about your mother, having u in the tummy is no joke. I'm a mother of one, I know how pregnancy is, how dangerous it is when we r giving birth. Life is precious, pregnancy of ten months is not easy job to do. Some people may want to have a baby but can't, some babies wanna grow up with their parents but can't, cos they was abort. Treasure the one who is there for you, think of people who loves you. Good luck and God Bless.

Dear Mr Michael Jackson,
If you are reading this, I wanna to say I'm a mini fan of yours, Thank You for bringing such nice musics and dances to the media. Your determinations and passion for music have proven your talents, such a waste of your depart, your skill and your kindness. You will be remembered by your love ones, your fans. You are always The King Of Pop. We love you and may you watch us over from heaven.

With love, Candy
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Monday, July 2, 2012

Pinkdot 2012 Event Emcee's Alicia Prescott Makeup

Hey hey! look at the gorgeous Emcee Alicia Prescott! I felt so honor that she requested me to do her makeup for her Emcee at PinkDot 2012. Alicia is a fun loving and humorous lady, anyone needs an Emcee for any event could engage her with no regrets!! Check that out!

Credit photographer Mr Joseph Ng Yew Meng

Alicia Prescott (Singapore Emcee)

Check it out for Pink Dot