Thursday, July 12, 2012

Work of the day

Its a not rushing job today... gladly even i have relax heart to work, i still able to finish my job on time haha! u know sometimes when u work on pressure you will be able to work faster alot, and when you are relax, you tend to be slower than what your usual speed....Cos the people are so relax there unlike other weddings, so many anxious people around rushing each other to be quick... lol If you went to alot of wedding dinner, you probaly knows tat all are anxious of things not done, cannot rehearsal on time blah blah blah, but really, today was the very first time that i dun sense that kind of anxiousness in the makeup room haha maybe its early and they are very sure that everything has done....

I have this lady, the mother of the bride, whom dont do makeup often, and keep telling me, light makeup.... haha shes so cute! she kept saying, i dont wan too heavy... and when i finished her makeup, she say OMG! so not me! lolxxx usually u dun really meet alot of good people around, usually, when you done when their makeup they jus go.... but shes polite and cute in the way tat she keep stressing "light makeup"... shes so afraid of heavy blusher too,kept telling me lighten up lolxx isnt shes cute!!

Explaination of why wedding dinner makeups are usually thicker than day time look.... Anyone knows the answer? ................. Its bcos the light of the ballroom flash out the colour.... if you would have notice on dinner time.

Another lady, bride's friend. I would like to call her, Ms anything.... I asked her about her colours, what colours she likes or she think looks good on her or what colours she cannot accept, what hairstyle she wants, she keep telling me anything haha. well, as a makeup artist, we need to communicate with clients that some colours like black, a common rejected colours, cos they are scare that it looks like ghost or panda, but if you know, black is a very good standout colour on makeup, enhance the eyes, if u know smokey eyes, you will know the beauty of black.... i ended up didnt add much black, cos her looks look sweet, i actually wanted to do something like a fairy, pinkish like princess look though it matches her looks but i wanna something more mysterious.... sweet and sexy at the same time, take a look!

guess how old is she?

she has very thick brow which im super envy cos even she put on foundation she can go without drawing brows... i asked if its ok i shave alittle to reshape but still dont need to draw her brows, shes so happy and smile and say ok! she keep laughing loudly at her brows cos a small hole was unfilled by her own brows, and the unbalance eyelid which is same like my eyes and when i told her about my eye lid is same one smaller and same side on the left we both laugh so loud lolxx... i asked her about her age, i was like wow! so envy haha i told her most enjoyable time in life is the golden 20s, im not going to say her age cos i think its her privacy, let u guess hahaa!! She is very bubbly and cheerful whenever she hear something funny she will laugh loud, will showing being her own true self, without being like minding too much how pple say about her. definately like her character to be true to everyone. And when i tell her tat i wanna take a picture of her, shes was very happy and say take photo take photo... her cute reaction is unforgetable. All the best to her.

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