Thursday, August 30, 2012


I know I have been a long time like a month or 2, haven been uploading videos or even updates on my blog.... Heres my explainations haha During july, my grand was really sick and I look after him at home, bringing him to the doctor and cook for him, giving him medicine and etc etc, hes recovered. Thank God for that cos hes old 80 years old, and im afraid something might happen to him, that is why this time i get alittle more anxious and tense up...  Following on to my work, recently i was engaged by a TV station projects, and some other production companies... work 12 hours at least a day... early morning 7am to 7pm, lucky enough we can finish filming at 6pm sometimes not all the time, depends on how fast the filming going.... But lucky thing is i got no complains who doesnt wan to see handsome man and pretty ladies everyday? hahaha nd then follow on is my son.... yes didnt i told u i have one? hehe He got gastric flu, been home for a week, luckily tat was during my off day zzzzzz next week im back to work and will be busy for 3 months at least, off day not confirm, schedule is by every week then will know when i will be having my off day, i promise i will make videos, even maybe like some videos i dont need to show my face like nails tutorials? haha... u know filming and editing took me a whole day, so usually i film today i edit some other days.... i got other videos need to be edit GOSH! i love videoing hate editing LOLXX!!

Anyway, heres a little update Good luck everyone. XOXO

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