Monday, August 7, 2017

Palette De Maquillage Adventuriere

Hey guys!! Been awhile I haven post any review. Today Im going to post a review on a paletter that my mum bought for me when she at France. I literally nv heard of this brand but I kinda liking it cos its so pigmented!!! Surprisingly pigmented! At the first thought when she gave me, my mind was ahhh another palette from a random store cos my mum dun know anything about makeup so I thought it was some not quality eyeshadows.... but when my finger touch it to try to do swatches I was soooo surprised that its creamy and pigmented! I dunno how much it cost but i believe not too expensive. Its a total of 15 eyeshadows and 3 lipbalm?? It looks like and feel like lipbalm to me 😊
Heres the pictures

Monday, July 31, 2017

Review: Kat Von D full coverage long lasting foundation

Hey, been quite awhile haven post anything here. Todays review on Kat Von D foundation. I had this foundation quite awhile, but i rather use it, as i dont need tat everyday and i like only wear once for wedding dinner. I decided to put on the foundation and give it a try to see if its really long lasting like what it says. Left and right of my cheeks, theres few dark spots, about 15% visible, i cover it all with this foundation, and extra foundation on the area tat is darker spots. Heres the picture.

This shade is alittle dark for as i have become fairer, but still not too far from my skin colour. I wear it to play badminton and i was playing 2 hours, sweat as hell and below is my after sweat picture. After applying the foundation, i did spray on Loreal fix on face, i do not put on any powder.

After badminton, i look closely in the mirror, the foundation did wear off alittle, but something weird is it cake up, looks cakey and patches. Probably the foundation dun work together with the fix spray, but one thing i notice as i tried few other foundations is tat this foundation does stay longer even im sweating like raining. Still have foundation on my face, i did use hand to clean or pat off my sweat in afew area.

Overall foundation:
Texture: abit sticky than other foundation, feel thick
Long lasting: yes
Coverage: Full
Sweat proof: 75% sweat proof
Hydrate: No, only feel sticky but still bearable

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review on Loreal Mat Magique Foundation

Today Ive tried the Mat Magique foundation, i tried both liquid and powder. Heres how it look after applying.

Err excuse of the toliet bowl behind which i totally unaware of 😆😆.

Heres the disclaimer that this is not sponsored or paid to say. Its my 100% review.

First, i tried the Loreal Mat Magique powder foundation on the left side to set the Mat Magique liquid foundation. Right side, i set it with Makeup Forever Loose powder and see if theres any different at the end of the day. Both side jus roughly dust thru that will not feel sticky. I only have the Domohorn Wrinkle skin care underneath, no base or primer as you know im trying the skin care and also doesnt wan to affect how this Loreal products work.

Heres my review

Hydrating 😊😊😊1/2
Coverage 😊😊😊1/2
Lasting 😊😊😊😊
Poreless finished 😊😊😊😊1/2

I only applied one layer with damped beauty blender. Hydrating wise... you definately can feel but its not those stick type, matt finished looking, coverage wise is medium but can build up, lasting wise, it does stay longer on the left hand side of my face, which i set with Loreal Mat Magique Powder foundation, I applied it with a powder brush, light dust to set. Right side of my face I dust with Makeup Forever loose powder. Both side look so beautiful and im surprised that the finished is poreless, i didnt set with setting spray, the left side with Magique powder foundation looks heavier than the right side that sets with loose powder that look more natural. I put on ard 1235pm and about 10pm I took a pic for you guys to see. Wearing hours 10 hours 35mins. Thru out the day, i did sweat and right side tat i set with loose powder did wear off on the cheek area a tiny bit.

The left side looks like the first moment i put on... not looking cakey. I was thinking to try it on again tmr, bcos i believe its becos of the Domohorn Wrinkle product as you know its super oily and may affect the foundation to wear off. I will review another time to do it more accurately without the Domohorn products. I will update again in here for the second test. 😉 scoody!!

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Clio - Virgin kiss Tinted Lipstick Review

Hi all!!! Im here reviewing the Clio's Virgin Kiss Tinted Lipstick today! Here is it.

Recently, Ive been searching for long lasting lip product so I went scooding in the pharmacy today and try out. Clio is a korean brand, my impression of Clio cosmetic is i think their products are most high pigmented, price point is quite ok... so i decided to pick this up and gice it a try.

Overview Review: 😊😊😊😊😊
Colour 😊😊😊😊
Moisture  😊😊😊 1/2
Texture 😊😊😊😊
Lasting 😊😊😊1/2

Basically, the pigment is very nice... mositure wise, i do feel there moisture and it does give a shine on my lips when i first apply. Texture is smooth while applying and most important it does not bleed around the edge of the lips which is nice. Lasting wise, it does win alot of normal lipstick bcos its tinted. The tint staying power was ok... i would say its a lipstick i will buy again and im going to get other colours 😁

I do test out. As woman... we are always afraid that our lipstick bleed and it does not last long esp when comes to after meals.. some left like outter edge and gone in the inner part of mouth. This lipstick does stay after i had my meal which im surprised, it left the tint on my lips.

Heres a after meal picture. If you can see, it left tint on my lips, no more shine. But i can say it does a better job than alot of tint i had tried... FYI: I ate my meal, drink (doesnt stain after it set dry) and i did clean my mouth after meal with normal dry tissue paper. Above pic, is after i ate and clean.

I realised that you apply a thin layer and it does set on lips and it become kissproof. Though it set and dry out to matt feeling, i does not feel dry on my lips and does not crack like some matt lipsticks.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Domohorn Wrinkle

Ok, so Ive decided that I will update this post without posting like afew different date just because of the reviews I give or any updates on this product... its easier for me and you to see the difference and easier to search. I will continue my daily progress in here (this post).

Thanks #domohornwrinkle for sending me the products!! Domohorn wrinkle is a luxury brand made in Japan. They are very popular on their intense hydrating essence. Will keep in view about the products and update on my blog at #trial #skincaremadeinjapan  #dryskin #iamcandysour #domohorn #skincare #oilyskin #troubledskin

Heres my Day 1 pic before using. 15 May morning before i wash my face.

Again, dry skin combination sensitive.
Skin conditions: some red veins, scarring and some redness on face and side of the nose.
Basically, actually my skin condition isnt as bad but jus dry and redness mostly.

15 May 2017. Night.
I used it this morning, right after i took these pic (above). Its super oily... in my opinion. Abit sticky on face, first thought was like wow!!! So oily!! Im those kind that hates stickiness, im able to take oiliness... well, heres a pic of how oily I mean.
Its like my face get so wet... no joke. I dun think camera could able to catch the oil, I read up few people commenting that they felt oily as well, but well, will see. But i would like to compliment the Gel Oil cleanser and the form cleanser which im quite liking it as in, the Gel Oil cleanser will remove every bit of the makeup but without feeling too oily and the cleanser did cleanse well without feeling dry.... ahhh not like those after using some brands they will give u tat kind of squeakly clean but dry feel... it does feel squeakly clean but not dry... if you get wat i mean.... during my school days, i loveeee Biore cleanser, the blue tube one, which you can get it from the pharmacy, that if u used before u will know what i mean by squeakly clean but dry. Im not saying its not good, i love it during my school days, i always go back and get it after i finished up and it been thru so many years of pimples free in my school days. Ok back to the topic, alot of people loves their intense hydrating essence, u can call it as toner, its those kind of abit more texture to gel yet lighter but its thicker than water.... ahhh like so face mask essence texture. I still have not find any goodness in one day, but so far i got no complains. If you ask me my day 1 experience, i would think its not too bad at least it doesnt give me redness or itch bumps like some skin care that r too oily, but i would prefer it to be using only at night, as Singapore is such humid weather, skin staying freshness feel best.

16 May 2016 - Day 2 Morning

Last night was first night applying, already applied in the morning meaning yesterday night was 2nd time applying. Last night i felt itch and this morning my face started to have itch bumps, few tiny pimples, ard side of cheek area, edge of eyebrows and inbetween inner corner of eyes are itch with bumps, along nose bridge have afew look alike tiny pimples, however, last year, i did a face detox programme and the starting part my face is about the same but not as bad as previous while i detox. Still appearing itch bumps and look alike tiny pimples. Was told that because i was too dry tats y the itch bumps appear and its forcing the bad thing out from face, true enough it does go away and my skin did look alot better than before i detox. So, i still wanna keep in view in using this product.

Heres my day 2 morning pic after i have my face washed.

16 May 2017 - Day 2 Night

At this point of time, i do feel itch at the edge of my eyebrows, face abit itch but not as bad as last night. The itch bumps on the side of my face look subsides smaller, look alikt tiny pimples looks going to disappear. Lets see hows my skin tomorrow morning. Scoody!!! Night!!

17 May 2017 - Day 3 Morning

This morning, my face less itch, bumps seems smaller, tiny pimples are gone. I do feel i become fairer and hydrate which shock me.. but i do see that some other place with itch bumps not alot jus afew near the side of the mouth near cheek area. 

Heres this morning pics

17 May 2017 - Night

Tonight still feeling less itch, eyebrow area doesnt feel itch any more but do feel the new area of itch bumps are abit itch. No new tiny pimples appear... old tiny pimples are gone but does appear abit red. However, i still feel its heavy on my skin but i will continue to use till i finish the trial products. Maybe u will wonder y i will insist to use till the product ends its cos previous i did detox on my skin like i mentioned above, i will wans to see if it helps to detox as the symptoms is similar.

18 May 2017 - Morning

This morning im surprised that my face is getting better.... little bumps r almost gone... less itch, hence, tmr will be the last day of review becos the trial product only for 3 days. I will post how a total general review of how i feel about this product and product details tmr. heres the pic of this morning after wash.

18 May 2017 - Night

Today i doesnt feel itch at all the whole day, the bumps seems smaller, some almost gone. Nothing much to say will wait till tmr morning and will see hows my skin condition. Scoody!

19 May 2017 - Morning last use

This morning, my skin itch bumps had gone like 70%, skin smoother, pimples are gone... the only redness left are the cheeks, like 3 to 5 bumps only... left eyesbrow is abit itch though but less itch. My skin looks more clearer and hydrate, it does look brighter overall. This is my morning picture after face wash.

19 May 2017 - Night

After washing my face, skin condition aint any different from morning. Below is my overall rating for this 8 steps Domohorn Wrinkle products.

Hydrating 😊😊😊😊😊
Brightening 😊😊😊😊
Whitening 😊😊😊
Pores define 😊😊😊1/2

I do like this product, at first i feel abit skeptical after seeing my skins start to have itch bumps & pimple. But I was really surprised that to see during day 3 i starts to see my skin has improved, more hydrating and looks clearer skin. However, I do feel its very oily, i do not recommend for oily skin, unless u r from cold country and this product may suits you. Always remember that these products work on me doesnt mean it will also work on you. Its always a trying to find the right skin care for you. If you wans to try this product you may wanna ask for 3 days trial from them, i did purchase their Intense hydrating essence (Toner) cos i heard alot of good things about it so i give it a go. You may wanna visit their website to find out more at . Stay beautiful!! Scoody!

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Sunday, May 14, 2017

Albion Skin conditional

For those who dunno, i have dry combination sensitive skin. Everytime I talk about skin care, i kinda freak abit cos i always feel that my skin is sooooo troublesome. If you r like me, the skin care selection are very limited bcos sensitive!! short summary, dry on the cheek and side of the nose, flakes on the nose area some of the period of time. What this work for me, helps me calm my sensitive skin, hydrate my skin. Few years back i already get to try this but during the trying period, my skin was unstable so recently i decided to give it a try again and it work wonders! It does hydrate my skin, less itch less bumps due to dryness, it fixes my skin to improve the texture. When you r dry, use this, when u r sensitive, use this!! How i use it, apply like a toner or water essence, i would pour onto my palm, pat on my skin, i will do twice if my skin is super dry till its semi dry i apply essence or serum follow by moisturizer. Jus a little note for people who dunno about skin. If your skin is very oily, doesnt mean ur skin is hydrated, sometimes it does get more oily bcos ur skin feel dry and the skin produce more oil. If you have oily skin, use something lighter, more refreshing products. People get the "wrong ideal" that oily skin dun need to use moisturizer, its a no no no thinking. Every skin type needs to be moisturize!! For oily skins, you may choose like gel type or water moisturizer which is lighter, trust me u will get better skin. Dry skin, need to get to pat more "water" to hydrate your skin more esp those people lives in cold countries. In general, dry skin need to do double job to protect their skin... the more dryer u r, the more "water" u need to get into ur skin. Masks will help to hydrate. The moisturizer you use, u can choose those tat r more thick, nevertheless, still depends on the weather in ur country. Usually at night, u need to get more thicker moisturizer to keep ur skin moisturize during the long hours sleep. Before i stop, im not paid or sponsored to say this. Be beautiful!! #skincaremadeinjapan #japanskincare #albion #albionskincare #albionsg #skincare #sgmakeupartist #makeupartist #dryskin #oilyskin #help

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Highly recommended pimples cream

You know, being a makeup artist... i have top question being asked... i have acne, what kind of product should i use and what acne cream should i buy?

Well, heres my answer!! Its ICM Acne treatmemt cream. Its cheap and really good.. but do remb if u have a bigger one you can apply it first layer apply little on the area and outter abit till fully absorb, second layer cake on the pimples pop, tap afew times on top of the area. Becareful on how u use it cos u really will dry up ur skin and u will see ur skin peeling off if u r not applying it on ur acne.

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Have a beautiful skin people!!