Monday, July 31, 2017

Review: Kat Von D full coverage long lasting foundation

Hey, been quite awhile haven post anything here. Todays review on Kat Von D foundation. I had this foundation quite awhile, but i rather use it, as i dont need tat everyday and i like only wear once for wedding dinner. I decided to put on the foundation and give it a try to see if its really long lasting like what it says. Left and right of my cheeks, theres few dark spots, about 15% visible, i cover it all with this foundation, and extra foundation on the area tat is darker spots. Heres the picture.

This shade is alittle dark for as i have become fairer, but still not too far from my skin colour. I wear it to play badminton and i was playing 2 hours, sweat as hell and below is my after sweat picture. After applying the foundation, i did spray on Loreal fix on face, i do not put on any powder.

After badminton, i look closely in the mirror, the foundation did wear off alittle, but something weird is it cake up, looks cakey and patches. Probably the foundation dun work together with the fix spray, but one thing i notice as i tried few other foundations is tat this foundation does stay longer even im sweating like raining. Still have foundation on my face, i did use hand to clean or pat off my sweat in afew area.

Overall foundation:
Texture: abit sticky than other foundation, feel thick
Long lasting: yes
Coverage: Full
Sweat proof: 75% sweat proof
Hydrate: No, only feel sticky but still bearable

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