Thursday, May 18, 2017

Review on Loreal Mat Magique Foundation

Today Ive tried the Mat Magique foundation, i tried both liquid and powder. Heres how it look after applying.

Err excuse of the toliet bowl behind which i totally unaware of 😆😆.

Heres the disclaimer that this is not sponsored or paid to say. Its my 100% review.

First, i tried the Loreal Mat Magique powder foundation on the left side to set the Mat Magique liquid foundation. Right side, i set it with Makeup Forever Loose powder and see if theres any different at the end of the day. Both side jus roughly dust thru that will not feel sticky. I only have the Domohorn Wrinkle skin care underneath, no base or primer as you know im trying the skin care and also doesnt wan to affect how this Loreal products work.

Heres my review

Hydrating 😊😊😊1/2
Coverage 😊😊😊1/2
Lasting 😊😊😊😊
Poreless finished 😊😊😊😊1/2

I only applied one layer with damped beauty blender. Hydrating wise... you definately can feel but its not those stick type, matt finished looking, coverage wise is medium but can build up, lasting wise, it does stay longer on the left hand side of my face, which i set with Loreal Mat Magique Powder foundation, I applied it with a powder brush, light dust to set. Right side of my face I dust with Makeup Forever loose powder. Both side look so beautiful and im surprised that the finished is poreless, i didnt set with setting spray, the left side with Magique powder foundation looks heavier than the right side that sets with loose powder that look more natural. I put on ard 1235pm and about 10pm I took a pic for you guys to see. Wearing hours 10 hours 35mins. Thru out the day, i did sweat and right side tat i set with loose powder did wear off on the cheek area a tiny bit.

The left side looks like the first moment i put on... not looking cakey. I was thinking to try it on again tmr, bcos i believe its becos of the Domohorn Wrinkle product as you know its super oily and may affect the foundation to wear off. I will review another time to do it more accurately without the Domohorn products. I will update again in here for the second test. 😉 scoody!!

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