Sunday, May 14, 2017

Albion Skin conditional

For those who dunno, i have dry combination sensitive skin. Everytime I talk about skin care, i kinda freak abit cos i always feel that my skin is sooooo troublesome. If you r like me, the skin care selection are very limited bcos sensitive!! short summary, dry on the cheek and side of the nose, flakes on the nose area some of the period of time. What this work for me, helps me calm my sensitive skin, hydrate my skin. Few years back i already get to try this but during the trying period, my skin was unstable so recently i decided to give it a try again and it work wonders! It does hydrate my skin, less itch less bumps due to dryness, it fixes my skin to improve the texture. When you r dry, use this, when u r sensitive, use this!! How i use it, apply like a toner or water essence, i would pour onto my palm, pat on my skin, i will do twice if my skin is super dry till its semi dry i apply essence or serum follow by moisturizer. Jus a little note for people who dunno about skin. If your skin is very oily, doesnt mean ur skin is hydrated, sometimes it does get more oily bcos ur skin feel dry and the skin produce more oil. If you have oily skin, use something lighter, more refreshing products. People get the "wrong ideal" that oily skin dun need to use moisturizer, its a no no no thinking. Every skin type needs to be moisturize!! For oily skins, you may choose like gel type or water moisturizer which is lighter, trust me u will get better skin. Dry skin, need to get to pat more "water" to hydrate your skin more esp those people lives in cold countries. In general, dry skin need to do double job to protect their skin... the more dryer u r, the more "water" u need to get into ur skin. Masks will help to hydrate. The moisturizer you use, u can choose those tat r more thick, nevertheless, still depends on the weather in ur country. Usually at night, u need to get more thicker moisturizer to keep ur skin moisturize during the long hours sleep. Before i stop, im not paid or sponsored to say this. Be beautiful!! #skincaremadeinjapan #japanskincare #albion #albionskincare #albionsg #skincare #sgmakeupartist #makeupartist #dryskin #oilyskin #help

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