Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Clio - Virgin kiss Tinted Lipstick Review

Hi all!!! Im here reviewing the Clio's Virgin Kiss Tinted Lipstick today! Here is it.

Recently, Ive been searching for long lasting lip product so I went scooding in the pharmacy today and try out. Clio is a korean brand, my impression of Clio cosmetic is i think their products are most high pigmented, price point is quite ok... so i decided to pick this up and gice it a try.

Overview Review: 😊😊😊😊😊
Colour 😊😊😊😊
Moisture  😊😊😊 1/2
Texture 😊😊😊😊
Lasting 😊😊😊1/2

Basically, the pigment is very nice... mositure wise, i do feel there moisture and it does give a shine on my lips when i first apply. Texture is smooth while applying and most important it does not bleed around the edge of the lips which is nice. Lasting wise, it does win alot of normal lipstick bcos its tinted. The tint staying power was ok... i would say its a lipstick i will buy again and im going to get other colours 😁

I do test out. As woman... we are always afraid that our lipstick bleed and it does not last long esp when comes to after meals.. some left like outter edge and gone in the inner part of mouth. This lipstick does stay after i had my meal which im surprised, it left the tint on my lips.

Heres a after meal picture. If you can see, it left tint on my lips, no more shine. But i can say it does a better job than alot of tint i had tried... FYI: I ate my meal, drink (doesnt stain after it set dry) and i did clean my mouth after meal with normal dry tissue paper. Above pic, is after i ate and clean.

I realised that you apply a thin layer and it does set on lips and it become kissproof. Though it set and dry out to matt feeling, i does not feel dry on my lips and does not crack like some matt lipsticks.

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