Saturday, September 24, 2011

Boring sleeping day at workshop!

Today is definately a boring day for me... I'm here at the raffles town club in Singapore having workshop talk.... I'm here since morning 830 the talk should be ending in an hour time which is 430, if there's no nonsense people asking stupid n dumb questions we can finish off earlier. Hopefully no idiots here hahaha.... Usually people ask is bcos they sleep during the talk.... The food here is good, it's basically like a country club but our talk held here. 200+ people attending, before today the talk was nearly 400!! Woooo! Had only 3 hours sleep last night and I did a super easy makeup in the car while traveling there hahaha... Don't ask me how I did it, usually in the morning I makeup in the car while in my way to work.... Well, u jus need a steady hand hahahaa... Alright time to go back after tea break. Hook up soon! Take care guys!!

With love, Candy
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