Sunday, September 4, 2011

Congrats to my cousin Michelle!!

I received a call from my aunt this evening, she told me that my cousin is getting married! I feel happy for her as I think it's time for her to get married hahaha...
She a strong woman and very sociable. We used to be very close when we were teenagers. But something happened and made us misunderstood each other and from that time, we didn't went out or talk as often as we were during teenagers time.
We still talk when we see each other, but still, the distance is there.
I wanna thank her for teaching me lots of reality. Like man, haha how to drink hahaha... We had lots of fun. I missed those days and hopefully one day, we can still get together and had heart to heart chat.
I always love being loved by others so often I think I always wanted to be the youngest one but unfortunately, I'm the only daughter. I always get lots of love from my cousins like Geo and Wendy whom is really close like real blood siblings. Wendy is younger than me but she seems more able to think as in not as impulsive as me haha... She can be really noisy at times... Hopefully she can get married as soon as possible cos she has an awesome bf! Geo, is older than me, a father of two kids but still behaving like a old baby sometimes... He's really cheerful and likes to joke around with me... But one thing i hate about him is hes bad tempered and lazy, as in he is tat kind having that kind of attitude that 'save trouble dun mind paying more' and i remb when we were young we almost fight with each other.. I really love the both of them, sometimes i wish i could cook for them and brew some soups, but we were staying quite a distance and each of us has our own life to go in so we could only see each other like once awhile, i see geo more often though...but They r then the real siblings...

Back to cousin michelles wedding, which fall on mty birthday 1 oct... Sometimes I wonder, who will remb my birthday? Anyways all the best to her and have a blissful marriage.

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