Sunday, September 9, 2012

Working on Doris

These work are proudly presented by me, photographer, editting, makeup ahahaha.... we had lots of fun and laughing while working. My fav piece is the one directly on top, the last pic. Don't u agree? She bring out the feeling that I wanted, I told her that it's gonna be my fav pcs while I as viewing it on my cam. The only problem is her brows, she was laughing about her brows that previous the personnel did her tattoo was out of shape and she barely have brows almost naked. I ended up using pencil n brow powder to work on her brows, after drawing she said: omg my brows r perfect now, anything to make them stay forever? I laughed and told her u can visit my Frd whom is working at brow house, is an expert on brows.... The person was so unprofessional tattoo her brows one darker one rounder one thinner one strg, the shop really need to close down! I'm so upset for Doris brow she deserve something better than this. Doris maybe u want to get my brow expert Frd to save ur day.

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