Friday, October 26, 2012

Tired day with statisfied

Yesterday was a tired day, morning I went to help my teachers client for hair do, 4 pretty Caucasian ladies, one of them is the bride. Late afternoon I hve work on my client for their relative wedding. They engaged me in the past before and engaged my service again, I'm very glad that I have statisfied clients and return clients. One of the auntie told me, next week is my daughter's turn and this time round I won't be the last to doll up haha, cos these few years, she's always the last to doll up. She was happily telling me next year her turn to be the first. Another lady whom doesn have a bf, i told her next time round is ur turn to be bride cos she is so pretty after dolling up, she laughed and say yes, i will give u a red packet (How chinese appreciate matchmakers), its not match making but it means i help her to be so pretty and she attracts guys. It's all about memories and many other stories.

Now I'm gg clients house to do makeup, and now is 430am :)

With love, Candy
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