Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What's love?

Recently, I heard a lot of stories about people breaking up, people divorcing. I think it's not really easy to meet each other in this world. Even you r in the same country, getting chance to know another person whom staying at the end of your country. Knowing someone from the end is hard, to love each other is even harder.
Sometimes it really make me wonder why do people give up their love so easily? Why do people go thru a lot but breaking up in the end? Why does people work hard for a relationship but ended up givin up? Why does people break up even they had waited so long for another person? So many questions appear in my mind. Or it's because, nowadays people cannot take in hardship? Some parents objection, some couldn't let go of their pride so all ended up seperated. Some maybe met someone better and give up the relationship, some money problem.

There's once I met on road, an old couple holding hands and chatting happily. In their eyes, I saw blissful. Happiness don't come like a click on ur hand, how envy I am but a question flow into my mind and asked, will I hold my partner like they do when I'm old like them? Of course I hope the answer is yes, but things happen without notify. Nobody want a bad ending. Who doesn't want a long relationship? Who doesn't want to married rich man? But love is a feeling, to me, love is a feeling, a feeling u wan this man or lady to be in ur chapter for the rest of ur life. A feeling of trust, a feeling of security. A believe that he or she will not fool ard even u r not beside, feeling safe and secure that tat person will protect u, will standby you when u r in trouble.

Life is tough. Everyone has their own story, everyone has their own difficulties. I have Frds telling me that they envy me a lot cos I seems a no problem girl. I doesn't want to show my problems, I have problems, at times I'm troubled. But I prefer to handle it myself of my own way which I feel comfortable and not letting anyone down. If to let someone down I rather i let myself down. My Frd say, I always think of others before myself. Think about it, 365 days, how many days can u think for someone else?

Many years ago, I lost a family of mine. She's my grands sis. Though, she's a strong Buddha believer, she chant every morning and night, without fail. Even she's sick, she's lying in the bed, her chanting nv stop. I respect her cos she think for others. Before she die, her mind kept thinking to let a mother and her daughter to get back together, isn't she sound like an angel? Chinese people believe, dreaming of a deceased is bcos they wan u to know something or they r missing u or they have something to tell u. Yes, I dreamt of her twice. Same place and story. When she passed away, I'm the only grandchild that cried so hard. This happened about 20 years ago. Until now, I missed her and I do cry sometimes. She's always kept in my heart. After she passed away, I dreamt about her twice. I dreamt I went to her house like usual in the past to visit her, she's lying on bed, and I'm sitting beside her. And out of sudden she disappear. I search the whole house and asked her daughter where she gone, in the dream, the daughter told me she's gone. The first time I woke up I cried so hard. The second time I cried when I'm still in the dream, when I was awake, my eyes and face was wet. I think she's wants me to know she's gone, and accept the fact. Even now my tears drool. But I'm ok. I'm only regret is, I haven't really pray to her but her tomb had move to china where her origin is.

A person u love, u will cry for. A love that is real will let u dream of. I don't understand, y there's still so many breaking up. Maybe it's not everyone but some people just like fooling ard. Treasure it before its gone. That is y I always think others before me.

Not everyone know how to appreciate love, appreciate someone. Human bad habit is take things for granted.

Good luCk

With love, Candy
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