Tuesday, April 1, 2014

DIY 1 Min Hair Pin

Video: http://youtu.be/BwbmQhBP4BQ

Hey guys!! Heres some informations of my DIY.

All you need:
1. U-pins: Make sure you get those thin ones, I mean the wire that create the u-pin that is thin, otherwise u wont able to poke through the hole.

2. Desire accessories: You can use pearls or those accessories for bracelet, jus make sure its with holes to poke through.

YUP!! Thats all u need. Easy right?

Heres a pic that I DIY and use it on my client. Nice right? You dont need to do this kind of hair style, you can choose to bun up and pin on top or side for more fancy look.

If you dont like pearls, jus in case, you can choose to make other options. These 2 pics is I got it online and they are easy to make too. you can get some fake flowers and glue it down and make sure you secure them with a wire jus in case the glue wear off. Use a electrical stick glue is an option.

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GOOD LUCK! xoxoxo

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