Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Welcome to my new blog!

Hey hey!!

Welcome! Here I'm going to explain why I change my blog to here, it because this blog has the application on my mobile and it's easier for me to post any pics or my thoughts in here.

It's way more faster and much easier directly from mobile! Hopefully in the future I will post more about things I see, about my life and any other related to beauty!

I can't wait to start to post my adventure in my life to share with you!

If you wanna see swatches from my previous video which is not posted, pls let me know at

Follow me on twitter at candysbeautytv and watch me on YouTube at thecandysbeautytv, and subscribe me too to watch my tutorials or even hauls or reviews or even my vlog! I will try to video OTD (outfit of the day). Many more coming up!

Stay tune!

With love, Candy.

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