Monday, January 13, 2014

Biore Nosestrips (Blackbox)

OK! First, I wanna declare that this is not advertising and I am not paid to do so. This review is my 100% review on this. Im neither a partner of that.  My mum bought this box of nosestrip to me its by Biore, you know, from my previous experienced, it didnt give me a really good impression. Cos it doesnt work on me. Biore changed the formula and packaging and it became the Black Box, previous was white box. Let me show you the box. BUT before I continue, this pic Im gg to show below is kinda GROSS, so PLEASE dont judge me, I jus wanna share good stuff. So... if you are a person easily get disgusted, Please dont see. HERE WE GO!! 

This is how it looks like with the new packaging.

GROSS PIC COMING. First I wanna saw, I changed alot of angle jus to show you more clearly how it look like after used. Theres some with flash and without.

The white dots are the dirt from the nose.

 Did you see theres white thing sticking out?? Its the dirt from the nose.

How many stars I give on product itself (5stars)?? ****
How many stars I give pricing (5 stars)?? ****
Over all? (5 stars) ****

The reason why I didnt give 5 stars as full marks because, even it took out so much dirt, theres still dirt sticking out on my noce which i could see. NOT 100% all but at least 85% which I think its actually simply awesome than so many other products I've used. Go try it yourself!!

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