Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WARNING!!! For people who are finding a "Right" Makeup artist

First thing first, theres no personal anger or arguement here, its just that happened to one of my friend who just got married. You know, Im fine with friends who already have a makeup artist provided by the bridal shops usually. Its just that many people dont know about the truth. Mostly, the bridal shops makeup artist are like me, a freelance one, but their commission (Bridalshop) are sky high. Let me explain more details. Example, some bridalshop may tell you, a 'Professional' Makeup artist cost you 1288, but the fact is they giving them like 288? or 488? or some who are more better gives better price. Their 'so-called' professional has screwed up my friends wedding. Being so not professional and screwed people's wedding. First, that makeup artist was late, follow by uneven eye brows and the lash glue gone into my friend's eyes. Look the problem here is not because she didnt get me to do it, Im giving warning to people who thinks bridal shop makeup artist is better cos they think they are more 'Professional' since its recommended. Some are good, but mostly I saw even I do some of their bridemates or mothers are so not professional. Dont get me wrong, Im not saying im good, its jus that before you engage, make sure you sees her work. I bet you wont want a uneven brows on your wedding day or a "NOT" smokey eyes on your eyes or a uneven shadows. This can cause frustration. The worst case Ive heard was a free makeup artist included in your photoshoot package. When they go there, they will charge you like lashes, ampoule, hairdo etc... make sure you got no choice and pay extras. It good that you check with the artist before engage them. People think its free.... but its not... end up you paying more than what other artist include. Oh, thats not apply for wedding, it applies on some other events like D&D, bridesmate, etc..... the artist will tell you that the price is $80, but when she does the makeup, yes the make up the blush, the shadow is there, but no lashes, or not properly done on the brows and even not include hairdo. To me, One perfect look no matter is wedding or events or Dinner and Dance, its either you do nothing jus wear a fancy dress, or you got to do both makeup and hairdo. How will you feel if you have nice makeup on but without lashes?? It feels EMPTY & WEIRD!! Or a nice look without a nice hair??

Hope my information helps for the people who are finding a makeup artist or a going to be bride. Thanks for reading!! Take Care!! Good luck!

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